LärmKongress 2018

LärmKongress 2018

Ministry of Transport Baden-Württemberg: LärmKongress 2018 in Stuttgart
LärmKongress 2018 - More momentum for noise protection!
07. June 2018 to 08. June 2018

Hospitalhof Stuttgart
Ev. Bildungs- und Verwaltungszentrum Hospitalhof
Büchsenstr. 33
70174 Stuttgart

Booth no. 4

More momentum for noise protection!

The Ministry of Transport of Baden-Württemberg is organising the two-day Congress LärmKongress 2018 on 7 and 8 June 2018 in the Hospitalhof in Stuttgart

The congress is intended to provide impulse for more momentum in noise protection. To this end, it will provide practice-relevant impulses for new ideas in noise protection and provide insights into current developments in noise abatement, thereby promoting networking among the participating experts.

In mostly parallel sessions, the LärmKongress offers more than 30 expert lectures as well as an exhibition accompanying the conference on the subject of "Protection from noise".

Among other things, the lectures will discuss where and why noise problems arise and how they can be solved.

The health aspect is also highlighted in the thematic block on the effects of noise. In particular through contributions by Minister Hermann and Dr. Bernhard Berger from the European Commission and the Noise Abatement Commissioner Thomas Marwein MdL and the panel discussion, noise abatement is also receiving the urgently needed political attention.



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