Turbo roundabout provides A4 on-ramp and new B88

Turbo roundabout provides A4 on-ramp and new B88


After three years of construction, the large-scale "B88 Turbo Roundabout" project was finalised in late 2013 and opened to four-lane traffic.

The new raised roundabout near Jena-Maua acts as a motorway junction, providing an on-ramp to the A4 autobahn and the four-lane B88 which runs below it. It is aimed at speeding up entry onto the autobahn.

It has put an end to the morning and evening traffic jams by bypassing the town and removing four sets of traffic lights. Lorry drivers are particularly pleased about this new change, as they will now be able to keep the pedal to the metal along the new four-lane section with its 80 km/h speed limit.

The new road will improve traffic flow and provide better noise protection. The absorbent and transparent KOHLHAUER SCORSA® CLEARWALL® noise barriers that were used on the project are popular among residents and improve road safety.

In the past, the transparent barriers that were often used on bridge sections did not have terribly good noise protection properties. R. Kohlhauer GmbH's innovative solutions serve to minimise and absorb the reflected noise. At the same time, the louvre design reduces reflections, improving road safety (>30 dB noise reflection &  >4dB noise absorption in compliance with DIN EN 1793).

The absorbent, transparent CLEARWALL® VS elements were produced by KOHLHAUER®, in collaboration with its Passau-based client, HE Umweltschutz+Ingenieurbau GmbH. The partnerships was good, as usual, producting an excellent product and timely delivery.

HE Umweltschutz completed the construction of the remaining noise barriers for the project. For more information on the project, please refer to the HE Umweltschutz+Ingenieurbau GmbH website: www.he-ingbau.de.

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