noise protection wall

noise protection wall

ALFA BOND KOHLHAUER Sp. z o.o. and Skierniewicka Fabryka Maszyn, Urządzeń i Konstrukcji „SFAMASZ” Jan Dziedzic on 22nd June 2016 organized in Bełchów the Seminar devoted to noise barriers KOHLHAUER VOLTA®.

Noise protection on a very high level | 12 meters silicate glass

Project closure in "Unterschleißheim | Germany": An impressive 14 meter high noise barrier was built here. 12 meters of the barrier were produced out of silicate glass in a frame-solution, which comes from KOHLHAUER. The lower 2 meters of the noise barrier are sound absorbent, the upper 12 meters are sound reflecting. The steel structure and the construction was made by our partner "Josef Pfaffinger, Germany".

Quiet and clear view | transparent and absorbing noise barriers

With the KOHLHAUER SCORSA® CLEARWALL® HS System a horizontally structured system and the KOHLHAUER SCORSA® CLEARWALL® VS a vertical version, town planners and architects now have two more transparent soundproofing elements available. CLEARWALL® is a sophisticates noise protection system that is based on a modular frame or lamella system with absorption levels of 4 to 8 dB. Further information please see: KOHLHAUER SCORSA

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