KOHLHAUER's 25th anniversary

KOHLHAUER's 25th anniversary

KOHLHAUER's 25th anniversary

25 years of innovative and durable noise protection

With the aim to generate quality and durability on noise barriers for all Europe, Kohlhauer has proven flexibility, versatility and patience for 25 years.

Since 1993, when Reinhard Kohlhauer founded the R. Kohlhauer GmbH, Kohlhauer sees itself as a system supplier for noise protection. Meanwhile, the company has grown into an international brand. With more than one million square meters of noise protection products produced and sold, the group reached its highest level in 2017 and intends to expand it in a challenging environment over the next few years.

This was celebrated in early May at the ‚Unimog Museum‘ in Gaggenau (Germany) on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of KOHLHAUER.

Comprehensive know-how in the detail planning, logistics, processing and production of system components for noise protection projects on road and rail, is offered throughout Europe, and even worldwide. System partnerships in Europe and Asia serve investors in the various markets and create solutions for local requirements. KOHLHAUER built up customer relations in many countries.

Reinhard Kohlhauer reported in his welcoming speech of 25 years of struggle and commitment, as well as ups and downs. Fun at work and a lot of creativity was always there, according to Mr. Kohlhauer. Words of thanks addressed the head of the company to his 30 employees at home and abroad, as well as to his numerous partners. During the jubilee celebration, there was surprisingly an honor for some colleagues for their many years of long period of employment.

Mayor Michael Pfeiffer highlighted, among other things, the innovation, the transnational work and the customer-oriented, tailor-made all-round packages of the company KOHLHAUER. "We have a noise protection specialist right here in Gaggenau - and one that enjoys a high reputation."

Hartmut Basanow, managing director of the German Association for noise protection along traffic routes, hightlighted that the company Kohlhauer belongs to the big suppliers in Germany and world-wide. Kohlhauer makes no compromises when it comes to quality.

Among the congratulators was Ilja Lifschiz from the Chamber of Industry and Commerce (German IHK), who spoke of a sustainable business model at Kohlhauer. Ilja Lifschiz presented to Reinhard Kohlhauer a certificate of honor of the German IHK for the 25th anniversary of the company.

25 years of KOHLHAUER noise protection systems




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