A real eye-catcher: noise protection with integrated photovoltaics

A real eye-catcher: noise protection with integrated photovoltaics


Noise protection – in the most efficient way

An example that should become widespread among municipalities, energy cooperatives and authorities: Designing and financing of a noise protection wall with integrated photovoltaic in the Upper Bavarian city of Neuötting

In order to achieve the best possible noise protection, Neuötting sought to discuss this matter with engineering consultants and noise protection manufacturers already for a long time prior to the procurement. The company KOHLHAUER GmbH from Gaggenau, which already successfully combines noise protection and photovoltaic since 1996, was selected for this project. This noise protection specialist offers a unique photovoltaic system, named “KOHLHAUER VOLTA®“, which is transparent and operated with solar energy.

The noise protection wall in Neuötting is constructed modularly. Noise protection made of a patented grid-insulation-system, acrylic glass and photovoltaic is installed between the beams. The concept is flexible. The grid-insulation-system is used where photovoltaic is unprofitable. The PV elements are installed above head-height due to the fact that the risk of pollution, vandalism and graffiti attacks is significantly lower than in the lower area. In addition, individual elements can be replaced at any time in case of any damages. This is sustainable and minimises the maintenance costs.

KOHLHAUER convinced with the conception and supported all involved parties, authorities and companies in the realisation of this efficient noise protection wall. For this to happen, all parties involved had to mentally open themselves. The head official puts it in a nutshell with a deep, calm voice: “The coordination work with so many parties involved was worth the effort.”

As a result, Neuötting was able to realise a high-quality noise protection at manageable construction costs. The wall is accepted very positively by the population and conveys a sustainable image due to the integrated photovoltaic (PV), of which Neuötting certainly benefits in the first place.

A real eye-catcher: Solar noise barrier | "Bayerischer Rundfunk" (German Television)




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